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Turkey Has The Biggest Population of University Students in Europe!

Istanbul university

The growing number of universities in Turkey has resulted in an increase in the number of students in recent years. Turkey is now the country with the highest number of university students in Europe.

As of 2019, 95 out of 1000 in Turkey are university students. Turkey outperforms major European countries in this sector by a wide margin. The number of university students per thousand people in Germany and France is 40. This rate is 39 in England; 38th in the European Union (EU).

So how does this affect the real estate market in Turkey?

As it is known, one of the most important factors in the real estate market in Turkey is the dynamic population. In cities with a larger population of university students, rental prices and housing demands soar, especially around campuses. This results in a significant decrease in return on investment.

Foreigners wishing to invest in one of the world’s leading university cities, such as Istanbul, can have numerous advantages and make lucrative choices. Our consultants are ready to help you and offer you interesting opportunities if you’re seeking profitable investments in Turkey. Contact us now and get profitable offers!

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