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Investment Questions

The first requirement is that you should pay the $400.000. For investments over $400.000, the remaining amount can be paid in installments, and citizenship procedures can be started without delay.

Of course. We have a wide portfolio network available in important cities of Turkey, such as Antalya, Ankara, İzmir, Trabzon, and Samsun.

No, but you can purchase a house near the Bosphorus route such as Taksim and Mecidiyeköy.

Quite dynamic. Today, realty investors from around the world are continuing their investments in Istanbul. That is because realty investments are constantly gaining value for the last 15 years in Turkey. Today, there are many people, from the USA to China, applying for consultancy to our company, and for the next five years, it is expected that this popularity will increase.

Your apartment’s leaseback transaction will be fulfilled by our company’s relevant department maximum 1 month.

New and worth investing projects in Istanbul start from 50K USD to the value of a million dollars. It completely changes in the area of your investment and your investment style.

According to laws, to obtain Turkish Citizenship, you have to pay 400.000 $ in cash. If the house you want to purchase is more expensive than 400.000 $, you can make an installment after paying the legally necessary price.

It differs from the project’s features (outdoor swimming pool, indoor pool, or reception). However, in case if you rent the apartment, this payment will be paid by the tenant. If you want to live in the apartment, it is between 2,5-6 TL per m2.

Only some urban transformation projects don’t have title deed fees. In all the other projects, there are 4% of title deed fees that must be paid.

However, while some companies don’t request an extra fee by giving an inclusive price, some other companies forward a price by dropping all the tax fees and want you to pay the title deed fees.

All properties in the borders of Turkey are subject to Turkish laws. According to the relevant laws, the title deed will be transferred to the heirs and spouse of the owner.

All the projects that our company works on, the property appraisal report, and the property’s value of the purchase is similar. One of the primary purposes of our company is to secure your rights by helping you to buy property in its real value.

You can register anyone you want by dividing the title deed into any number of shares. However, to gain citizenship, at least one of the family members has to have a minimum of 400K USD share. Besides that, if you want to transfer some shares on your title deed, you should sell that share again to your relative. Selling is the only way to share a title deed if you already purchased the property.

You need to get a tax ID number in Turkey, and a passport translation is enough for this transaction. However, if you also want to apply for citizenship, there are some documents you must bring from your country, such as a birth certificate, marital status certificate, and passport translation.

Turkey is undergoing a transformation and renewal process. Turkey, which is in a position of planning a major leap by using its geographical position more efficiently, with its mega projects, technological incentives, and research and development investments, promises its investors an important gain.

No. Right now, Istanbul is not only Turkey’s but the world’s most important realty investment center. Istanbul is also the city that real estate investments increase the most in Turkey, according to the valuation rates that were declared every year.

An only a limited number of projects are signed like this. However, usually rent guarantee contract is paid in Turkish liras.

According to the optimal value, a property should amortize itself within 240 months. You can calculate the income you may get monthly considering the 240 rule, but you can find more profitable projects in our properties section, which amortize itself less than 240 months.

It can vary from the status of the project that was published, but usually, it takes 1 to 2 weeks.

There will be no extra tax when you buy a second or more realty.

The title deed lasts a lifetime. The title deed will transfer to your heir after you.

Residence permit Questions

If you applied for Turkish Citizenship via investment, your residence permit will be obtained by our lawyers in 2 weeks and will deliver to you.

Touristic permits are for once only and cannot be extended. However, if you have a property in Turkey, you have the right to renew your residence permit in 2 years period, and you don’t have any limit for renewal.

Yes, it’s possible. However, the company you will work for should apply for a work permit as well.

Turkish Citizenship Questions

Visiting 111 countries without a visa, free education, free health-care, investment encouragements, ongoing EU membership appeal, and the result of the diplomatic negotiations, the opportunity to enter EU countries free of visa.

There is no opportunity like this in any other country in the world. Turkey gives you the chance to sell the property with profit that you had purchased after 3 years. In other words, you can both gain money during the 3 years, and you can obtain citizenship for your whole family. In a way, you can obtain Turkish Citizenship by gaining money from Turkey.

If you are a Turkish Citizen, the entire duration of education is completely free. Also, if you have state insurance (If any member of your family is working, the whole family has state insurance automatically), the government will meet your whole treatment expenses. During this pandemic process, every person with or without insurance is treated free of charge. Also, there are many commercial encouragements available.

Your children that are older than 18 cannot make use of the citizenship packet. Only when you purchase this realty, your children can obtain a residence permit until they are 25.

After the purchase is completed, it changes between 90 to 120 days according to the workload of the relevant departments.

Sure. After you get your passport, you can start using your rights as a %100 Turkish Citizen.

Yes. If one of the spouses is a member of one of the nationalities that the government permits, then your spouse and children have the right to obtain Turkish Citizenship.

Yes, including you up to 4 spouses entitled to obtain Turkish Citizenship. But only one of them will be registered as your legal wife.

Yes. However, a deed of consent must be required from the ex-spouse to acquire Turkish Citizenship for your children. But the investor should have custody of the children.

The investor and if he has a wife or children who are under 18 can obtain Turkish Citizenship.

Yes, it is possible. However, you have to make a minimum of 400K dollar payment part in cash to apply for citizenship.

If the purchase date of the property is after this law has passed (19.09.2018), then you can apply for Turkish Citizenship.

This information is published in all the official sources, and this law is currently in effect. Also, more than ten thousand people benefited from obtaining Turkish Citizenship with this program.

It is easy to get a European visa for Turkish Citizens. You can sell your realty three years after you’ve bought it.

Yes, you should get a residence permit 5 years consecutively. Also, among the preferred conditions are speaking in Turkish on a level that assorts communal living, having income or occupation to provide for themselves and to the people depend on them in Turkey, and not having a disease that threatens the general health.

No. Syrian Citizens cannot benefit from this program.

You can repeal your citizenship any time you want.

No. The law is quite plain and straightforward in this matter. The minimum price of obtaining citizenship through investment is 400K USD. If anyone tells you it is possible to obtain citizenship low-priced than 400K USD, you have to know that someone is trying to defraud you.

We can list many reasons regarding this. Yet, to tell you the most important one is; a Turkish passport allows you to enter 111 countries without a visa or with an e-visa. Also, Turkey has completed the many important required phases of the membership of the European Union, and Turkey is expected to be a member of the EU in the near future. Strong, high quality, and free health services and the quality of the education system are the prominent features. Additionally, since you can sell your real estate after 3 years, in a way, you are getting free citizenship for yourself and your family. There is no opportunity like this in any country in the world.

Yes, it can be a house, an office, or a store. However, if you are investing in a business, a company, the minimum investment cost must be 500.000 USD.

No, our company lawyers will carry out this process on your behalf with a letter of attorney.

The laws of the Republic of Turkey guarantee to give a passport.

It can take 90-120 days, but these days can vary according to the workload of the relevant departments. If you don’t have a relation to a terror organization that may threaten the Republic of Turkey, your citizenship process will be approved %99,9. None of our clients’ documents have been rejected so far.

Life in Turkey Questions

Turkey has completed a very significant part of the EU’s criteria. European sources also accepted that the young Turkish population is needed for the EU to stay solid. It is expected that in a few years, full membership will be completed.

The quality of education is high in Turkey. Each year thousands of students that are from different parts of the world come to Turkish universities for university and postgraduate. These effects are quite high because of the universities founded in the last 20 years and the encouragement to research and development studies.

It differs from person to person. However, if you have a predisposition to learn a language, you can surely learn Turkish.

No. You have to have either private insurance or the health insurance that the government provides. Also, to have state insurance, you have to either have a business in Turkey or be an official employee in a company.

Theology, economy, Islamic finance, political sciences, and international relations began teaching in Arabic to meet the growing need in Arabic education in some universities in Istanbul as well as schools that were opened for the Arab students living in Turkey.

First of all, our investment consultants need to understand your expectation to answer this question. All areas in Istanbul offer people a quality of living. However, some areas have high-rise residences available, and some areas have building estates with social domains. It is a question that completely differs from your choices of expectation.

Without a visa, you can enter 111 countries, including Japan, South Korea, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Brazil, Argentina, Ukraine, and Singapore. Also, you can easily apply for an e-visa via the internet.