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Breaking: New Legal Changes on Gaining Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment

Breaking: New Legal Changes on Gaining Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment 1

As you know, one of the easiest and most profitable ways to gain Turkish citizenship is to buy real estate investment for at least 400,000 USD. Once you make an investment of 400,000 USD or more in real estate in Turkiye, you have the right to resell your property after three years.

However, in December 2022, there were some changes in the law that make this process a bit different and will be applied as of January 1, 2023.

Amendments to the Turkish Nationality Law through Real Estate Ownership 2023

1- Previously, it was permissible to combine a contract of promise to sell and a title deed (Tapu). However, now it is forbidden to combine the two, and the application for Turkish citizenship by real estate investment is done through one of the options, either a contract of promise to sell or a title deed (Tapu).

2- Previously, it was legal to collect more than one contract and promise to sell at the same time, which means that several properties could be purchased from different projects with different contracts and promises to sell, but now if the projects don’t have ready title deeds and the buyer should apply for citizenship with notarized contracts, all properties must be purchased from one project. Of course, if all the properties have title deeds, there’s no obstacle to buy properties from more than one project.

3- Previously, a foreigner who bought real estate for citizenship could resell it to another foreign buyer other than his native nationality so that the latter would obtain Turkish citizenship as well. But now it is no longer allowed for any foreigner (even if he holds Turkish citizenship) who owns real estate to resell it to an international buyer in order to obtain Turkish citizenship, even if the sold property is registered on his Turkish nationality.

It doesn’t matter if the first buyer has yet to gain Turkish citizenship by buying that particular property. If the first buyer, at the time of buying had not held Turkish citizenship, this law abides.

4- Previously, when buying a property to gain citizenship, the title deed (Tapu) could be divided into several shares so that more than one person could obtain Turkish citizenship by real estate investment, but now it is no longer allowed to divide the title deed among more than one person.

5- The DAB BELGESI certificate issued by the Department of Banks and Banks was delivered manually, but now the certificate will be delivered via KEP (kayitli elektronik posta); the registered email between the Department of Banks and Banks and the Land Registry Department.

Note: All of the aforementioned is related explicitly to obtaining Turkish citizenship by real estate investment and does not prevent foreigners from selling their real estate. This means that a foreigner can sell his real estate to anyone he wants, whether he is a foreigner or a Turk, but the right to benefit from the Turkish nationality law has become confined to specific conditions and restrictions, as has been clarified.

The process of getting a Turkish passport by Real Estate Investment

First of all, you pick the house you like and you buy it. You make the payment. Then, you give authority to our legal team to manage the process on your behalf. After this step, you can go back to your country because our after-sales team can perform all the transactions on your behalf with your authority without you having to come to Turkey. Then, the following processes take place:

The title deed

The certificate of conformity

The collection of relevant documents

The Turkish citizenship application and approval process

And you become a Turkish citizen within 90 days. Another important detail is that with your residence permit within 1 to 3 days, you have the right to reside in Turkey and to enter and exit Turkey while your citizenship procedures continue. So, if you’re planning to live here, you can start your new life immediately.

Investo Global Services

1- Phone consultation with our Investment Experts

First, a member of our Investment Experts team who speaks your language calls you to listen to your needs. According to your budget and what you’re looking for, they will recommend you a few projects within your budget. They will send you the pictures and all the details so that you can decide easier. 

2- Picking you up at airport and accompanying you to your hotel

After you choose a few projects and leave your homeland to come to Turkiye, we await you at the airport to welcome you and take you to the place of your residence. 

3- Project tours

After you rest properly, we’ll take you to project tours. An Investment Expert will be dedicated to you to ease communication and decision making for you. 

4- Our legal team provides you with legal services throughout the process

Since you might not be aware of the investment laws in Turkiye, the entire process will be done under the supervision of our expert, Turkish lawyers. 

4-  Free consultation throughout the process

A team of investment experts gives you consultancy services before and during the purchase and while opening a bank account in Turkiye

5- Interior design and renovation services

In case you would like to renovate or change the interior design of your property, our sister company, METARC Interior, will take care of the entire process within your budget and aligned with your taste. 

6- Rental services if you want to rent out your apartment

In case you would like to use your property as a source of passive income, we offer you rental management services, including finding a tenant and maintenance support. You just enjoy the income coming right to your bank account every month. 

7- Legal supervision

Our legal team, consisting of proficient Turkish lawyers, provides you with legal services throughout the process and all the steps on the purchase will be done under their supervision.

For a FREE consultation, contact us today. Our Investment Experts are ready to support you to embark on a new journey!

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