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Top 24 Questions About Turkish Citizenship

Questions About Turkish Citizenship

There may be more than one question in the applicants’ minds in the case of Turkish Citizenship. That’s why we have compiled the most popular 24 questions asked about applying for Turkish Citizenship for you.

The Most Asked Questions About Turkish Citizenship

  1. How do I calculate the exchange rates for USD and TL?
    The Tapu and Cadastre Office will calculate the value of your investment one day before the date of your title deed, depending on the Central Bank’s selling price.
  2. How long does the process take for the Turkish Passport?
    The processing time is currently approximately 3 to 4 months, but the Turkish Government reduces this time.
  3. Could I buy commercial property with rental income and still acquire Turkish Citizenship through investment?
    Sure, any property you buy will count towards your citizenship application.
  4. It seems a little complicated to apply and get Turkish Citizenship. In this process, are you offering any help?
    Our legal team is available to help you and assist you through the process, of course.
  5. I do not even have time to come to Turkey. How am I allowed to get Turkish Citizenship?
    First, you need to establish and send your Power of Attorney to our aftersales team. From the purchase of your property to your Citizenship, we can follow all the processes for you.
  6. How many individuals might apply for one Title Deed?
    You can add many individuals under one title deed. However, Turkish Citizenship may be acquired by only one individual investor and family (spouse and children under 18).
  7. I purchased the property before 20.09.2018. Can I apply to become a citizen?
    Yes, if your investment was made before 20.09.2018, you can apply for Citizenship by investing a total of $1.000.000.
  8. I purchased the property before 20.09.2018. By transferring ownership of my property, can I apply for Turkish Citizenship?
    Turkish law prohibits, through such transfers, the issuance of nationality. Hence, you should sell your property and make a new investment to apply for Turkish Citizenship.
  9. If I become a Turkish citizen, do I need to complete the Turkish military service?
    There are multiple ways to answer this question. When children under 18 reach military age, they will be compelled to complete their military service. It has a dual citizenship requirement so that you can choose between your two countries. For example, if you have already completed military service in your own country, you may need to prove it. As for the citizenship investor, you don’t have to complete your military service.
  10. Which nationalities can qualify for a Turkish passport?
    Citizens of all countries that do not have any restriction to purchase a property in Turkey can apply for the citizenship. (Buying property is forbidden for the citizens of Syria and Armenia)
  11. Could my father and mother be granted Turkish citizenship? How about my child over the age of 18?
    If they buy a property worth $250,000 or more in their name, they can apply.
  12. I have a disabled child over 18. What about the situation with him/her?
    Every dependent person who cannot take care of themselves can become Turkish citizens with their parents by submitting particular application documents proving their disability.
  13. What are the required citizenship documents?
    Investo Global aftersales team will collect all the documents on your behalf and save your time.
  14. You are saying that the Turkish Citizenship process might take six months. During this process, will I get a residency permit?
    Actually, the process takes less than 6 months but as a citizenship investor, you can get a residence permit within a short time.
  15. You are saying that the Turkish Citizenship process might take six months. During this process, will I get a residency permit?
    Actually, the process takes less than 6 months but as a citizenship investor, you can get a residence permit within a short time.
  16. Can I buy a property and apply for citizenship from a foreigner who owns a property in Turkey?
    No. To be eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship, you can only purchase a property from a Turkish person or a Turkish company.
  17. How long am I allowed to use the valuation report?
    Valuation reports are valid for three months. Supposed the exchange rate changes, and the value at the current exchange rate is below USD 250,000. In that case, the report should be renewed if a citizenship application is made.
  18. Is the Republic of Turkey to allow dual citizenship? Do I have to give up the citizenship of my own country when I receive this right?
    Turkish laws allow you to be a dual citizen. If the country you are a citizen of has no restrictions, you can become dual citizens. However, If your country has a restriction against dual citizenship, you will not directly lose your citizenship, but your country will compel you to choose one citizenship.
  19. I have two wives. Can both of them request Turkish citizenship?
    If your country’s laws allow, your wives and the children can obtain citizenship. However, only one of the wives, who is a Turkish Citizen, can be your official wife in Turkey.
  20. Can I reapply if my citizenship application is rejected?
    Yes. If the request is rejected, the outcome of the application will be given as the reason. After calculating the criteria, you can reapply and get citizenship.
  21. Are Syrians included through investment in the Turkish Citizenship program?
    As Syrians cannot purchase properties under their names, they are unable to acquire citizenship through investment in real estate. However, they can benefit from other investment programs, such as investing and holding USD 500,000 for three years in Turkish banks.
  22. If I get Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property, how can my children over 18 get Turkish citizenship with me?
    It is required for your children to be under 18 when you applied for citizenship. However, if your children turns 18 during the process, you must submit a separate file for each child, and the children need to be single.
  23. Can I authorize another person to submit a citizenship file and follow up on the procedures instead of me?
    Yes, you can do it. Our company lawyers will carry out this process on behalf of you with a power of attorney.
  24. If I buy a property to apply for Turkish citizenship, can I lease it?
    Yes, you can lease the property. It is essential to retain ownership and not sell it for only three years.

You can contact us if you are interested in getting Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate or have any questions. Or you can watch our Youtube video, where we give detailed information about getting citizenship with investment here.


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