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Sanayi Caddesi No 44 Nish Istanbul A Blok
No.23 - 63 Yenibosna / Bahçelievler / Istanbul
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Bahcelievler Properties For Sale

Bahçelievler is at a very advantageous location; it is in the center of Istanbul’s European side. Bahçelievler also has many residential compounds, particularly in the Basinsitesi and Yayla. Because of its proximity to Istanbul’s center, Bahçelievler is rapidly developing as a financial and residential region with growing economic significance. Take a look at the real estate in Bahcelievler available in our portfolio and become a homeowner in this district!

Why should I invest in property in Bahcelievler?

Bahçelievler is a district on the European side of Istanbul, its name in Turkish means “houses with gardens” and it’s popular for being a residential area along with multiple businesses based there, especially in the neighborhoods that are close to the highways. It is today a growing district. In fact, its population is estimated at around 600.000. Being close to the center of Istanbul, Bahçelievler is increasingly becoming a financial and also residential area with booming economic significance.

Is Bahçelievler easily accessible?

When it comes to mobility, Bahçelievler is, in fact, well connected to the other regions of the city. The E5 and Basin Ekspres highways are very close and easily accessible. As for public transportation, a tramway line called T1 is available, and it connects you to central areas like Eminonu and Sirkeci, all the way to Kabatas. There is also the M1 metro line that will connect you to Yenikapi, therefore the Marmaray and the M2 metro lines. The Metrobus is also very close, and it will get you to the Asian side of Istanbul in less than an hour.

What is great about real estate in Bahçelievler?

Bahçelievler is a very strategic location; it is in the heart of the European side of Istanbul, making it very practical for property investment. Along with its established businesses, Bahçelievler also has multiple residential compounds, especially in neighborhoods like Basinsitesi and Yayla. It has a vibrant social life with everyday amenities available such as parks, cinemas, cafes, schools, hospitals, and supermarkets.