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Property for Sale in Besiktas

If you’re considering buying a home in Beşiktaş, the real estate prices in Besiktas can be relatively high because of the district’s superior quality of life, central position, historical sites, hotels, restaurants, pubs, and nightclubs, and cultural significance, but it has a high investment value. Beşiktaş is a well-known district on Istanbul’s European side, just on the shore of the Bosphorus Strait, and is surrounded by the districts of Sarıyer, Sisli, Kagıthane, and Beyoglu. Since Beşiktaş is situated on the Bosphorus Strait, it’s also near the Asian side.

Why buy property in Besiktas?

Beşiktaş is a well-known district on the European side of Istanbul just on the shore of the Bosphorus strait and is bordered by Sarıyer, SiSli, Kagıthane and Beyoglu. With a population of less than 200.000, Beşiktaş is one of the most prestigious areas of the city with the highest income according to many statistics and the best living standards. It is also a major tourist destination packed with historical landmarks. It sits directly across the famous district of Üsküdar on the other side of the Bosphorus strait.

Why invest in the Besiktas district?

Due to its higher quality of life, central location, historical sites, hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs, cultural significance, and being located on the Bosphorus strait and therefore so close to the Asian side, you should expect property prices in Beşiktas to be the highest among all districts of Istanbul. Considering the value that it offers, having such high prices would totally make sense.

Is Besiktas located in the heart of Istanbul?

Besiktas’s charm and the prestigious lifestyle that it offers aren’t the only advantages its residents enjoy. In fact, its special location is one of the main reasons why its prices are among the highest.

One thing about living in the district is that you can see the Bosphorus strait from almost every neighborhood. Whether you live somewhere close to the shore or in a relatively elevated area, or simply an apartment in a building with many levels, there is always a good chance you will get the magical Bosphorus view from your balcony or window.

In addition to the amazing views you will enjoy, you also have the privilege of accessing all key landmarks of the city and the most important historical monuments due to Beşiktaş’s central location. Areas like Nisantası, Mecidiyekoy, Kabatas, Taksim, Eminonu, Levent and Uskudar are just few minutes away!

Can you easily access everywhere from Besiktas?

Beşiktaş’s central location gives it the advantage of being easily accessible. In fact, you can get to the Asian side in less than 5 minutes by just driving on your own or by using the Metrobus, crossing the Bosphorus strait via the iconic 15 Temmuz bridge.

You can also use the Ferry lines if you want to get the ultimate Bosphorus experience; you can take the ferry from Kabataş, Besiktaş or Ortaköy stations. For the European side, the metrobus can also get you all to Beylikdüzü in less than 50 minutes while the F1 funicular will get you to Taksim in just 5 minutes! The T1 tramway will get you to Bağcılar in less than 45 minutes, passing through popular areas such as Eminonu, Karaköy and Sirkeci that are packed with historical monuments, bazaars and parks.

The Sirkeci tramway station is also a strategic one because it links you to the Marmaray, therefore, all of Istanbul. Beşiktaş also has the M2 and M6 metro lines that connect the district to Bogaziçi University, Hacıosman area and the Yenikapı Metro station, also connected to the Marmaray. You can take the M7 through the M2 Mecidiyeköy interchange station and you can get to Mahmutbey in less than 35 minutes. Beşiktaş basically has the best public transportation in Istanbul and it’s efficiently connected to the rest of the districts, but that’s not it. There’s actually more!

Additional extensions are coming to all these already existing lines! The M7 metro line will be extended to Kabatas. The M2 will also be extended southwest of Yenikapı, with 5 new stations at Kocamustafapasa, Silivrikapı, Veliefendi, Zeytinburnu and Bakırköy areas, other early plans include extensions to Sarıyer.

The M2 Gayrettepe station is set to be the terminus of the M11 line that will connect to the European side to the New Istanbul Airport, planned to be inaugurated in early 2022. All these infrastructure developments will add more value to an already prestigious district! Invest in Beşiktaş and live privileged!