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Sanayi Caddesi No 44 Nish Istanbul A Blok
No.23 - 63 Yenibosna / Bahçelievler / Istanbul
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Properties For Sale in Beykoz District

If you want to live in Istanbul but avoid the overcrowded districts and access beautiful greenery, then Beykoz is your place. Beykoz is one of Istanbul’s most well-known neighborhoods and is located Asian side of Istanbul, and its population is believed to be over 250.000 people. Invest in Beykoz today to live a better, more peaceful, and environmentally friendly life! Check out our available properties in the Beykoz district now and get to know the district better!

Why invest in Beykoz district?

Beykoz is one of the most distinguished districts of Istanbul. It is located in the north of the Asian side of Istanbul, and its population is estimated at around 250.000. Beykoz is generally considered a destination for people seeking residence in a very calm, safe, and green environment distant from the occasionally irritating crowdedness of the more central districts of Istanbul.

Does Beykoz has an amazing nature?

If you’re looking to live in Istanbul but avoid the overpopulated districts and enjoy wonderful greenery, then you should consider investing in Beykoz. What you will get is a prestigious life in a luxurious residence surrounded by many beautiful, intact forests; this means you will enjoy stunning landscapes and priceless natural views from your balcony or window.

In fact, nature in the district of Beykoz is so untouched by aggressive urbanization and is actually well preserved. There’s the Polonezkoy Zoo, the state-preserved natural Life Park, and the Ayhan Şahenk Love Forest. Beykoz is also popular for the Riva, a coastal village and a popular filming location thanks to its rural features and wide beaches.

Beykoz is also popular for places such as the Küçüksu Palace, castle of Anadolu Hisarı, Khedive Palace and the historical light tower of Anadolu Feneri. In addition, there are a number of tombs of Muslim saints and holy places that also attract visitors, particularly the tomb of Joshua on a hill just before Anadolu Kavağı.

Why buy property in Beykoz?

Beykoz offers a variety of real estate projects built according to the highest standards of construction and safety. And of course, due to the special nature of the region, all real estate projects in Beykoz were built in a way that would allow you to enjoy the amazing natural landscapes. There’s nothing more refreshing than looking at a beautiful green forest from your balcony. Beykoz has become a gateway for people escaping crowdedness during the pandemic. Invest in Beykoz now and enjoy a healthier lifestyle of serenity and greenness!