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What are the benefits of Turkish citizenship?

What are the benefits of Turkish citizenship? 1

1- Turkish citizens can easily visit 121 countries in the world. Sixty-seven of these countries are #visafree for Turkish citizens, including Ukraine, Georgia, Singapore, and almost all countries in South America, such as Brazil and Argentina.


2- E-2 Visa holders can apply for permanent residence in the United States of America by making a substantial investment in the US. In order to apply for an E-2 Visa, you should be a citizen of one of the E2 Treaty countries, of which Türkiye is a member.


3- If you gain Turkish citizenship, you have no obstacle to apply for another passport unlike the citizens of some countries such as South Korea, China, and Montenegro who do not have permission to hold more than one citizenship.


4- According to the Ankara Agreement between the Republic of Türkiye and the European Economic Community, Turkish citizens are allowed to enter or remain in the UK by setting up a business or taking up employment at a UK company.


5- You can benefit from all healthcare services that Turkish-born citizens do. For example, you can benefit from free-of-charge services in full-fledged hospitals operating in Türkiye.


6- Due to Türkiye’s ideal geopolitical situation and the government’s right economic decisions, according to the World Bank, Türkiye had the highest economic growth among all G20 countries. As you might already know, G20 contains countries with the strong economy, such as Japan, America, and Canada.


With Turkish citizenship, you can establish your business in Turkiye, or if you already have a company overseas, set up a new branch and open new doors to your business prospect.


7- There are 200 public and private universities in Türkiye, More than half of which have programs taught in English. In 2022, the number of international students in Türkiye was 260,289. The tuition fees for international students are at least three times higher than fees for domestic students.


There are various international schools in Türkiye, mostly based in Ankara and Istanbul. These schools cover various international curricula and teach in several foreign languages, including English, German and French.


Türkiye is also a part of Erasmus, the student exchange program within the EU, which gives students the opportunity to live and study in different European countries for free or at a very low cost.


If you apply for Turkish citizenship, your children below the age of 18 will also be granted Turkish passports and can benefit from all educational services in Türkiye just like other Turkish students.


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