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Your Guide to Ramadan in Turkey 2022

Ramazan in Turkey 2022

If you are in Turkey, especially in Istanbul during Ramadan, here’s your detailed guide to Ramadan in Turkey 2022. Starting April 2nd, Muslims from all over the world will celebrate the holy month of Ramadan for 29 or 30 days.  Turkey, being one of the largest Muslim countries, is of course no exception as the Turkish people brace for a month of fasting, an occasion to be reminded of the values of patience, humility and charity.

How is Ramadan celebrated in Turkey?

Ramadan is celebrated in various ways in multiple parts of Turkey. For instance, there are special meals and desserts that are prepared specifically during this month or that are consumed more often during Ramadan. This includes Güllaç which is a traditional white fluffy milky Turkish dessert made with layers of paper-thin cornstarch leaves soaked in sweetened milk and rose water. This dessert is specific to Ramadan and is usually served to guests.

Pide is also a popular type of bread during Ramadan. Although it’s consumed all year long, Pide bread demand soars during the holy month and especially right before Iftar, you will find very long queues in front of bakeries so you should probably be patient because it’s worth the wait! Ramazan Şerbeti is also widely popular during this month. Inherited from the Ottoman era, Sherbets are made with various fruits and herbs and it’s excellent for recovering the water, minerals and energy lost while fasting.

Other methods of celebration include traditions such as gifting children and giving them pocket money to encourage them to fast, Mahya art which is basically decorating mosques with glittering messages for the whole month and iftar tents which you can see them set-up in almost every city square to collectively celebrate breaking fast with family and friends.

Visiting Istanbul during Ramadan in Turkey 2022

Visiting Istanbul During Ramadan 2022 

Unlike other many other Muslim countries, there’s a lot you can do in Turkey during Ramadan whether you’re Muslim or not. This is due to the fact that Turkey is an openminded country and an international tourism destination which requires adapting to other cultures.

However, the Ramadan spirit is very noticeable during this month thanks to many festivities, public events, charities and decorations. You can also hear the Ramadan Drummers and the Iftar Cannons in multiple Turkish cities. Ramadhan themed festivities and special events are organized every year in places like Gulhane, Feshane and Sultanahmet. Collective Iftar events are also usually held in these places and many other locations around multiple cities of Turkey.

If you’re planning to visit Istanbul this Ramadan then we should probably tell you that the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has announced that all metro, tramway and funicular lines will operate daily until 02:00 AM, allowing workers and tourists more time to use the services.

It also worth mentioning that almost all restaurants in the country provide special Iftar meals with the best of Turkish and even international cuisine for all tastes and preferences. It would be an extraordinary experience to have an Iftar meal in places like Galataport, Taksim, Besiktas and Ortakoy where you will have a delicious meal while enjoying sunset across the Bosphorus or the Marmara Sea.

How to say Happy Ramadan in Turkish?

If you’re planning to spend your Ramadan in Turkey, you will need some vocabulary to get you used to the Ramadan atmosphere and for better communication. Here are few examples:

  • Sahur: The meal that one has before fasting and it takes place before dawn.
  • Iftar: The meal after sunset with which one breaks their fast.
  • Allah Kabul etsin: May God accept your fast.
  • Imsak: The first morning prayer and the moment the fasting starts.
  • Hayırlı Ramazanlar: Happy Ramadan!

If you’re reading this during Ramadan, the Investo Global family wishes you a happy and blessed Ramadan!

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