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What is the Process of Buying Real Estate in Turkey?

Process of buying real estate in Turkey

Before the Start of the Process of Buying Real Estate

Buying real estate or making an investment can be complicated, especially if you are thinking of buying or investing in another country. Since the property market in Turkey is increasing rapidly, it is profitable to start to invest in Turkey. Therefore, to understand what type of investment you are interested in, first, you need to do a lot of research if you are buying real estate in Turkey. By researching, you can have an idea of which investment (houses, apartments, offices, holiday homes, etc.) suits your budget, needs, and the lifestyle that you expect.

During the Process

Next, you might need to find the right consultant company to make sure your expectation is understood. For example, with Investo Global, we recognize your needs and expectations and give you the best investment options. As Investo Global, we aim to consult you in the right direction. Once you have decided on a real estate investment consultancy company, feel free to share your concerns, expectance, and needs on the investment type you desire. Our professional team will give all the answers related to your questions about the investment.

After the consultant company that you’ve chosen to understand your expectations, choose among the property, which is listed for you, is most suitable. Once you make the investment decision, at Investo Global, our team helps you to plan, your trip and welcomes you at the airport with our VIP vehicles.

Buying Real Estate in Turkey

After you have decided on the investment type, it is important to visit the property personally, to get to know the city that you are investing in and the cuisine. Also, visit your decided consultant company to learn more information about the investment and procedures in Turkey, and the property you are thinking of buying. At Investo Global, our experts will give you an all-inclusive presentation about Turkey, Istanbul, and investment projects. Our Investment consultants will present suitable projects and help you to finalize your decisions. You don’t need to worry about the language barrier, our consulting team, who speaks in your language, will guide you in every step and will explain all the further procedures to you. In addition to this, our Legal Department will explain every detail and legal steps for you.

Yet another important step is to visit the project in person. After the presentation, our investment consultants will organize a schedule and give you a tour of the projects that you have chosen. We want to make sure you make the right decision regarding your investment choices. Also, the purchasing and the legal process will proceed smoothly and efficiently with Investo Global.

What is the Process of Buying Real Estate in Turkey? 3

Legal Process

Since it might be confusing and tiring to manage the legal process without guidance, the real estate consulting company, which you chose, will help you manage this process. With Investo Global, our team will get your tax number and take care of the banking procedures and legal process, only if you issue a power of attorney. Our aftersales team will use this power of attorney to finalize the buying process and getting the title deed. Title deed is a document, which containing or constituting evidence of ownership. One or more people can be signed down on one title deed. This way, you will be saved from all the complex procedures and the paperwork process.

Once you obtain the title deed, you will be the rightful owner of the property, and the process of buying a house At Investo Global, our aftersales team will continue to help you with your property and provide all the information you may need.

In addition to completing the buying and legal process, Investo Global guides its clients with obtaining the citizenship process after they are made 250.000 $ real estate investment. If you have any following questions about the process of buying a property or thinking of investing, you can fill our contact form on our website, or you can contact us.

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