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Emerging Trends in Real Estate: The Need for Spacious Properties.

New trends in real estate market

The Need that Emerges During the Pandemic: Properties with Gardens, Balconies and Offices

The trends in real estate shifted with the pandemic, changing the priorities when it comes to buying a house. COVID-19 lockdown allowed the homeowners to re-evaluate their houses. Now, there is an increase in demand for homes with balconies, gardens, or home-office spaces. Even people may be searching to buy a house or a property further away from the city center seeking more spaces and escaping the crowdedness. These new tendencies have affected daily lives around the world.

Homes with gardens and balconies

Homes with gardens and balconies

With COVID-19, from now on, when buying a property, garden and balcony features can be effective as well as scenery. Especially since the needs and criteria for buying a property changed, because of this pandemic. For example, moving from the city to rural can be new real estate trends of 2020. Moreover, potential buyers that are thinking of buying a property in post-COVID-19 might choose to buy property in rural areas, such as holiday homes. With the pandemic, the potential buyers’ priority in a house is changing. They prefer an extra room for offices or property that is closer to the parks. According to the surveys that were conducted, the potential buyers’ decision on buying these types of features will be effective, when buying a house or an apartment.

Office spaces

Office spaces

People never stayed in their home for this long. So, they were never interested in having a home office. With so many workers are working remotely, so many people discovered that an office in their home would make working easier. To those who don’t want to move, their solution would maximize the area of living to create a working space. Alternatively, they may consider moving to a larger house with an office space. According to Ekonomist, a Turkish news site stated that the COVID-19 makes us realize that if we work in our home, we need to have a home that we can create an appropriate workplace. Therefore, When the pandemic is over, and the conditions are suitable, we should be ready for new developments in our housing preferences and interior design.

New trends in housing sales

In the modern world, virtual transactions have increased in value, especially during the pandemic process. With Drones and 360-degree shots shared on the internet, potential buyers can easily feel as if they were there without entering the house. Also, they meet various communication needs by talking remotely. The housing sector will continue to grow by keeping pace with developing technology.

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